Brand Story

Stuffed animals are necessities for both kids and adults, which are super soft and cuddly especially at bedtime. In childhood, almost every child would like to own a plush toy as his/her companion or even friends, with whom they can share happiness, sadness and secrets. Those soft toys will witness their grow and accompany them during the childhood or even whole life.

The founder of our company has 2 lovely daughters who are also fond of stuffed animals, thus our company focus on soft toy industry from the beginning. Occasionally, he noticed that the 2 girls used to covered up to their heads with the quilts as they are too little and afraid of sleeping in dark, so he comes up with an idea of glowing stuffed animals which can both be soft for kids to embrace and give some bring lights to them accompany them. Thus Glow Guards toys gradually become concentrate on LED stuffed animals. This brand is very successful selling toys. 



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